Taking care of animal health.

143960 Reutov, st. Factory house 8

+7 (926) 917-20-17


Feed additives: vitamins, macro- and micro-elements, amino acids Pig accessories: needles and syringes, instruments Pig anti-inflammatory, NSAIDs Pig antibacterial drugs, injectable solutions and suspensions Pig coccidiostatics Pig consumables Pig detoxicants Pig Disinfectants/Sanitizers Pig drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases Pig drugs for the treatment of mastitis Pig endometritis drugs Pig gloves Pig healing injection solutions Pig homeopathic remedies Pig hormonal drugs Pig immunostimulants Pig oral antibacterials Pig serums Pig test tubes Pig vaccines Pig vitamin and mineral injections Pigs preparations for external use: powders, ointments, sprays Rodenticides for pig farms

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